Everything’s taken care of. If the leak starts up again give me a call and I’ll come back over. 

You didn’t have to fix it y’know. I told you I could have just as easily called a plumber or something.


I’ll pay you $40 to get this small child off me. And preferrably as far away from me as possible. Ja feel?


I don’t know. Kid looks like she really likes you. It’d be a shame to pull her away from someone she clearly finds so entertaining.


"Touch my ass again and I’ll use my Chanel mirror to castrate you"


Too messy. You’d be better off kicking them as hard as you can in the balls. They’re in pain and they can’t prove you did it. 


Pants are satan’s leg handcuffs, amirite? 


If you have a half brain, then yeah, sure.

Can’t move…


Give your body protein and soak in a hot bath. Usually works for me after training.


If you were any closer to me, I’d definitely kick you in the balls. Don’t ask me why, but I would. And I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course.

Can’t move…


Note to self: don’t get on Ronnie’s bad side.

Another note to self: I’m sure that wont happen if you drop four dogs on top of her.. Wait, I can’t count… Three… Two dogs on top of her as I’m sure Ronnie would love being kneaded into a comfy spot to lie on. Sure that would be like a massage.


No dying on my watch. C’mon, doggy massage, or we tuck you into a little blanket fort cocoon to relax. What’s your preference? How about a cup of tea?

Autumn, these dogs have it out for me. You know that Bubba and Cerb both attacked me yesterday morning? And by attack I obviously mean jumped all over me until I woke up and took them for a run on the beach, but it was an attack none the less. A vicious, evil attack.

Tea sounds awesome though. So yes, yes to the tea.

@Veronika. [text]
  • Alessia: If it could wait an hour, I'd have texted you an hour from now.
  • Ronnie: Alright, fine. But I make no promises about harassing the driver. Especially if it's that guy with a ironic mustache who laughs at his own jokes.

@Veronika. [text]
  • Alessia: I'm sending a car for you and Autumn. Don't give the driver shit, all right? Just get in. I need to see you.
  • Ronnie: Ah, Ma. Can it wait like an hour? I was literally about to walk out the door to go to the gym.

Who will watch your back, when more people will start to vanish? I do hope there's some someone; would be a pity to find you unguarded. (asked by Anonymous)

Is this one of those riddles? But like a super cryptic one? I’m not big into riddles unfortunately. I’m more of a straight to the point kind of gal. Here, let me show you…

You want to threaten me? You want to come after me? Bring it the fuck on. I don’t care who, what, when, or where. I’ll bury you either way.

And next time you want to threaten me? I recommend a more face to face interaction. Because right now you just look like a pathetic pussy.