Ah, it's the champagne pourin', big joint rollin', Bombay sippin', no blunt smokin'. Bad bitch gettin', thick and she got some friends with her, take 'em out, pourin' shots of liq... "Hey Vero, I think your phone was ringing." (asked by Anonymous)

Please. Ronnie would have picked up that phone call before the work ‘it’s’. She ain’t stupid enough to let Padre go to voicemail.

Cute 11 and male kik me at Sexmachineforyou3344 (asked by Anonymous)

I’m trying to figure out who sent this…


Also, wtf is ‘kik’?

"The girl has a natural gift for leading."

I am not a very understanding woman.

I recommend you shut your fucking mouth and remember who the hell you’re talking to. Are we clear?

Marvin's Room
by JoJo + 17,089 plays

Marvin’s Room | JoJo

Fuck that new girl that you like so bad
She’s not crazy like me, I bet you like that
I said fuck that new girl that’s been in your bed
And when you’re in her, I know I’m in your head

Wicked always wins….

To the Citizens of Launceston (TMI, Listen Up!) [a second time -_-]


Hey, they were going to find out about it soon enough. At least this time, they’ll have no excuse to print a wrong story. And hey, now I can freely go shopping for pregnancy clothes without the ‘Who’s the Baby Daddy?’ poll to worry about.


Either way, I’m just glad that you’re feeling happy again. I know shit hasn’t been easy for you lately and I’m just glad that you’re finally starting to sort it all out. Also, I know I’m supposed to start watching my language because I feel like the fetus can hear me and the last thing I want is for him/her to come out being like ‘Fuck shit dick penis fuck shit fuck’. 

@ Lucas [private]


I’m used to either having to do all the work or having to have an argument with the person after, never thanking them.


You have my deepest sympathies, love. If it makes you feel better, I’ll say it. Thank you for the sex and please don’t tell your father, or your mother. I’d rather not have my balls removed with a dirty scalpel. 

…do I really strike you as someone who would make you do all the work?

If I told my mother and father about every single person I’ve had sex with, I’m relatively sure most of the male population of Launceston would be buried six feet under. Does that make me sound like a whore? Yes. Do I care? No.